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congressman peter king. sunday kick was on the attack. take a listen to what he says. >> i don't know any case law which says a imagineis straight has the right to come into a hospital room and stop ann interrogation. if the bbi fbi wanted to contine the interrogation. that could have ended up saving many lives. we don't know what the full kons he is wi consequences are going to be and we may not know. >> politics getting in the way here. want to stay focused on the purpose so we'll go to carol costello joining us from boston. these two obviously not going to see eye to eye on this. >> reporter: no, and they haven't seen eye to eye frankly for quite some time. it was just a couple of years ago take congressman peter king wrote an op-ed calling for eric holder's resignation. at the time king was really upset that eric holder suggested that terrorists from the 9/11 attacks be tried in civilian courts instead of military tribunals. peter king was extremely angry at that saying holder didn't understand democracy and how to protect the country and certainly didn't understand how to deal with terror
to the bottom of this. >> reporter: but new york congressman peter king is more willing to point firngers. >> obviously it's nothing give net yet but it has all the earmarks of an al qaeda attack. it reminds me of what happened in times square in 2010. it could end up being someone else but it has all the indicators of being an al qaeda or al qaeda affiliated attack. >> reporter: for rebecca roach and all the runners who ran with full hearts and their loved ones who cheered them on it's so incomprehensible and so wrong. >> i just think it's horrendous. why? i don't understand. i can't find reason in it. >> reporter: so it was a day of he heartbreak here in boston and of heroism. bruce mendelson who is an army veteran was on the scene and responded. you were right at the finish line? >> i was in a post-race party at 667 boylston street on the third floor of a building. i was sitting on a couch. the first explosion knocked me off a couch on to the ground. i was with my brother who had just finished the marathon. i yelled at him to get all the people back away from the windows. and -- >> and
cell phones to detonate it as one device. authorities say there are no suspects but peter king saying there is a person at a local hospital who has come under scrutiny. >> i have heard there is someone in custody. he is being questioned and i guess the best way to describe it is a person of interest right now. >> reporter: hospitals reported seeing shrapnel wounds. >> a it will of small metal debris. some have asked if they were bbs or parts of bombs. i can't say whether it was placed there or part of the environment. >> reporter: the shrapnel is just one of the clues. >> there are fragments in the victimance in the salk and what they will be able to do is probably reconstruct the timer device, what was used and look at the components of the bomb. it will tell them if someone put it together over the internet or is this a bomb maker. >> reporter: hundreds of state and federal investigators have descended on boston to figure out who built the bombs and set them off. >> federal and state and local law enforcement are coordinating closely. the fbi has taken charge of the investigation. >
and his handling of the bombing athenaones in washington at the wte house. the republican peter king had harsh words for the attorney general. tell us about it. >> that's right, good afternoon, carol. this is all about the timing of the reading to the suspect his miranda rights. the right to remain silent, the right t an attorney. since being read those rights on monday, dzhokhar tsarnaev has clammed up. he hasn't been nearly as forthcoming with information to investigators, and republicans on capitol hill, republicans like peter king, said that was a bad move reading his rights on monday and putting potentially useful information out of reach. our own brianna keilar had a chance to ask eric holder about this last night. he was making his first comments on this topic. let's listen. >> the decision to mirandize him was one that the magistrate made, and that was totally consistent with the laws we have. we had a two-day period where we were able to question him under the public safety exception. so i think everybothing was don appropriately and we got good leads. >> tt was attorney general
. this morning we're talk to the top lawyer at the acclu. congressman peter king who says the suspect should be treated like an enemy combatant. >>> back in washington senator marco rubio tries to steer his party to an immigration deal. some veteran republicans raise new questions and an up and comer could end up being a roadblock the size of texas. >>> in the wake of this immense failure to move forward on gun regulations new jersey governor chris christie wants to make some of the toughest state gun laws in the country even tougher. >>> good morning from fenway park! it's monday, april 22nd, 2013! now here's "the daily rundown" with chuck todd! boston strong! woo! >> what a great way to begin what hopefully is a better week for everybody thanks to the baby giraffes, an improv group from boston. those good morning videos, you could be tomorrow's winner. let's get to my first reads of the morning. let's run through everything we've learned since friday night's arrest. federal prosecutors may file terrorism charges today against dzhokhar tsarnaev, the 19-year-old man accused of the boston mar
sent a letter to the fbi now deing answers. that is republican peter king in new york. he is our next guest in the next hour. martha. martha: runners observing a moment of silence at the start of their race. a twitter campaign encouraged runners to place their hands over their hearts at the finish line. a very nice gesture on their part in london. the race organizers pledging $5 for every finisher to the one fund boston which will go to help some of the victims of the attacks. 52 of whom are still in the hospital today, and many of them have been released. what a beautiful sight that was in london to see that successful marathon run. gorgeous day on sunday. bill: from london back to boston the governor there in massachusetts, deval patrick srgs asking everyone to observe a moment of silence today. that will happen at 2:50 eastern time. that is the time first of two explosions at the boston marathon. so we will cover that live a bit later today too. 10 minutes past the hour. martha: a lot of good information coming up here. we're just getting started this morning. lawmakers are asking
right now. joining me right now, republican congressman peter king. he sits on the house intelligence and home land security committees. good to see you, congressman. who do you believe here? >> the congressman is quoting from the report. i think as you go on in that report and also based on what others have said in the administration and the intelligence community, i don't believe that north korea has the ability to accurately deliver a missile. you know, they may have -- they may have mastered militarization. they still need to be concerned about stabilization and vibration as it leaves the atmosphere, re-enters the atmosphere. i don't believe they can send a stabilized missile to a target. having a nuclear weapon is dangerous enough. but as far as being able to deliver a missile, i don't believe they can. you know, we don't know for certain. all we really know is they cannot do it yet. >> are you concerned about our intelligence at although? you know, when you have the white house saying one thing, dia assessment saying another. i know that is how intelligence works. you get differ
, should america hit north korea before they hit us? congressman peter king comes "outfront." plus, shocking video of prison doing drugs and brandishing a gun in their cells. the man who was in charge of that jail speaks out. >>> and new developments in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. sharon osborne tells the court who she thinks is responsible. i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. by going low. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 like offering schwab etfs tdd# 1-800-345-2550 with the lowest operating expenses tdd# 1-800-345-2550 in their respective lipper categories -- tdd# 1-800-345-2550 lower than ishares tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and van
? congressman peter king weighs in today. >> growing death toll. we'll have governor kyle if he agrees . criticism from republicans. economist steve forbes breaks down the numbers and what they mean for the economy . all that and school in california banning tight pants because they are distracting. i am john roberts. live from america's capitol starts now. >> we begin with breakking news out of afghanistan, six americans were killed in insurgent attacks. three u.s. service members and two u.s. civilians were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a car. another one was killed in eastern afghanistan and the latest round of violence comes as the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff visits the region . that is ahead of the 2014 withdrawal . tensions running high in north and south korea . new video shows jim jong un walking with troops and shooting a gun . reports just yesterday that north korea moved the missile launchers to the coast and warned foreign diplomats to flee the country. what should the u.s. and south korea do. our next guest said they should take preemptive action. joinin
post-attack hindsight is obvious. leading up to monday, none of it was clear. >> peter king is doing monday morning quarterbacking on the talk shows appearing on fox sunday say the fbi was aware of this guy and this is the fifth case. they used incidents to cite the fbi letting people slip through their fingers like the al qaeda recruiter, the little rock shooter and the accused ft. hood killer and the alleged american pakistani terrorist so when the congressman who is in charge of the house subcommittee on terrorism is coming out critical of the fbi, doesn't that say there are shoring up opportunities that we need to take very seriously here as the homeland is the battlefield. >> the homeland is a battlefield. there are tens of thousands of people dedicated to keeping us safe. i respect congressman king. he's thoughtful. he clearly is passionate on these issues and he's well versed. we're less than three days after tsarnaev has been brought into custody and he's drawing conclusions and linkages and passing a judgment on the national law enforcement community that i find irresponsibl
martin? i mean, it's crazy. >> also, can i just point to peter king in this whole thing? peter king has made himself an expert on terrorism, particularly muslim terrorists. he wants to basically profile them. this man supported the i.r.a. he literally called them freedom fighters back in the day. in the hayday of i.r.a. bombings. we're talking about rand paul doesn't want to let chechens into the country. what if someone said back then we shouldn't let any irish into the country. whether it's for asylum or whatever reason because they fit the profile of a terrorist. somehow when they're white europeans it all looks a little bit different to them. but that peter king has any credibility to be mr. terrorism after his history is really galling. >> krystal ball, joan walsh, thank you both for your time tonight. be sure to catch krystal on "the cycle" weekdays at 3:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. check out joan's book "what's the matter with white people?" it's out in paperback this week. >>> ahead, the investigation, we're learning what motivated them and how they learned to make bombs. >>> days
that the brothers acted alone new york republican congressman peter king said he found that hard to believe. >> i believe there were other people involved domestically either active existers or facilitators who knew what was going on and said nothing and looked the other way. >> john: and despite all the evidence that the tsarnaev brothers planted bombs that killed three and wounded perhaps 260 more their mother said she'll never believe they were responsible for the carnage. >> no, i don't and i won't--never. >> john: for more i'm very pleased to be joined again by david sirota contributor and author of "back to our future: : how the 1980s explain the world we live in now, our culture our politics, our everything." are you spliced that the finger pointing over the marathon bombing began so soon, and were you surprised that senator lindsey graham was the one to kick it off? >> i'm not surprised. maybe five or ten years ago you might have been surprised but we live in a hyper political world where the unifying factor in the republican party is the hatred of president obama. if there is a
attack rages on. if you ask republican congressman peter king, he'll tell you forget about being politically correct. >> most muslims is outstanding people, but the threat is coming from the muslim community. tom friedman said we must ask a question only muslims can answer. what is going on in your community that a critical number of your youth believes that every american action justifies a terror response? it's coming from the community. >> he says it's imperative to ramp up surveillance of muslim communities. >> really everything that has been done in the past decade has failed. >> the director of the american islamic congress in boston. nine days after 9/11 attacks he was detained by police, put in a cell for hours and interrogated. a victim of what peter king is suggesting, racial profiling, he says. >> not all muslims look a certain way. not all muslims are religious. and most muslims belong to different traditions. >> others say king's laser focus on the muslim community may divert attention away from other threats like the man accused of sending a letter to president obam
on the boston bombing investigation. representative peter king from new york joins us now on the phone. congressman king, appreciate you being with us. we understand you have information that boston bombing suspects were perhaps planning something in times square. what do you know? >> yeah. i've been talking to police officials who were told that in addition to the remarks -- the general remarks that the terrorist made in the contact about a party in new york, later on in interrogation they made references to times square which police are interpreting is indicating either possible or very likely attack on times square, times square was the second phase of the attacks. now, this has been told to me by, again, police officials who have been told what happened during the interrogation, what was said during the interrogation. and that's the latest i know. i've been told by several high ranking police officials. >> i just want to be absolutely clear, is this a theory by the police that by referencing times square -- i mean, was there a specific reference to setting off explosives in times s
. thanks so much for joining us. i want to bring in congressman peter king republican from new york a member of the house homeland security committee and the former chairman of the house homeland security committee and also chairman of the house subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. congressman, do you have any new information indicating these two suspects are part of some broader threat to the united states? we've been told by a u.s. official there is no indication necessarily this is part of any larger threat from al qaeda. have you learned anything that contradicts that or anything new? >> jake, so far there is no indication of that. i know there is a concern about it because there is a question whether these two on their own could have done all that's been done but the fact is right now there is no evidence at all. i know there is some concern about the fact that his older brother took the trip to russia last year and there is a question whether maybe that's when they were radicalized. to be honest with you in all the years i've been doing homeland security briefing
in probe? here's what congressman peter king said last hour on "the daily rundown." >> i just think somewhere along the line it's fair to say why didn't the fbi follow up on that and combine the first interrogation, first examination plus subsequent act. you find nothing and he ends up carrying out murders, you wonder if you missed something in the investigation. >> in case you didn't know, we know the fbi interviewed tamerlan in 2011. they were tipped off by the russian government who said he was a strong believer in radical islam and the fbi determined he was not a threat at that point. congressman king and homeland security chairman mike mccall are drafting a letter to get a copy of the classified briefing. we also know that next year, 2012, tamerlan travels to dagestan for a period of six months with a couple of brief trips to chechnya. it's not clear if during that six months something happened. did he get some kind of training there? roger is an nbc terrorism analyst and former white house counterterrorism official. don clark is a former fbi special agent. good morning to both
and provocations. and represent peter king is joining us right now. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> as you know, the north koreans have told all foreign diplomats in the north korean capital, that they should leave by this coming wednesday. they couldn't guarantee their security after that. what's the significance after this? >> it adds more uncertainty and it shows more hostility on the part of the north korean regime. and it's a whole series of decisions and actions and statements over the last several weeks or months, which is why everyone is -- in our government is concerned about that. not panicking, certainly concerned. treating it more seriously than the incidents the last several years, which occurred around this time but had a way of winding down. in this case, it appears that kim jong-un may be going out and not be able to get back in. >> are we bracing for something are dramatic wednesday, thursday or friday? this week, a critically important week? >> well, you know, it certainly could be. the fact that the plan that the knot korean and south koreans -- missiles
a mosque because being too radical. what peter king will do with that information, based on experience, say that's proof we need to more closely monitor people in this country. i'm not sure you need to go that far. this is somebody who was in a citizenship cue and had that process delayed because of going back and forth to russia. it might have been a specific case we missed and not something to look at as it expands ever more the investigation of muslims in general. something the system should have captured but we will discuss broad solutions, broad ideas not just republicans but national security hawks wanted whatever the situation is. >> we'll leave it there. go ahead, lynn. jump in. >> a quick point. this comes as the immigration bill is being kbeebt edebated i senate. >> we'll talk about that later in the broadcast. thanks to you all. appreciate your time. >>> the fbi again, interviews, in e did not find any terrorist links to him. how did that happen? i'll ask a senior member of the intelligence committee, next. >>> kniss is msnbc. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get sm
aren't satisfied with this. we heard from republican peter king who responded to holder's remarks. let's listen to that. >> eric holder now said he approved that interrogation being stopped? that's absolutely disgraceful because that interrogation could have ended up saving american lives. we don't know who else was involved who was involved then who could be involved in the future. we may not know because of eric holder. >> you heard peter king not happy. this debate will not end. even though those rights were already read it was already a done deal. still people are asking questions, for instance house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers sent a letter to the justice department demanding answers to a long list of questions about how this decision was made to this subject. the story's definitely not over here. carol? >> all right, athena jones reporting live from washington this afternoon. >>> nearly two weeks after the bomb blast, dozens of people are still in the hospital. 28 victims remain in boston fewer than yesterday though. one patient is in cri
with governor chris christie, senator chuck schumer, and congressman peter king. but first, let's get to the news here at 5:30 a.m. on the east coast. we begin with the latest from syria and the growing calls for the united states to intervene in that country's two-year-old civil war. lawmakers from both parties urging the obama administration to take stronger a against the assad regime following last week's findings by the white house that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against the country's rebel fighters. crossing that so-called red line has sparked a debate in washington about whether or not it's time for the u.s. military to get involved, including the potential of american troops on the ground. >> i don't think you ever want to say, absolutely not. obviously, we don't want to do that unless it's absolutely necessary. >> i would go even beyond that. i would say, no. we don't need to put boots on the ground. but we need to enable their neighbors, the neighbors of syria, to bring some sort of peaceful resolution to this. >> senator john mccain agreed with senator c
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the waco assault in 1993. joining us now from washington congressman peter king, a member of the house homeland security committee. so, congressman, what can you tell us tonight? >> well, as you said, bill, this is absolutely horrific. it's detestable and has only the marks of a terrorist attack. in fact, the way it was carried out and to me there is no doubt in my mind that this is a terrorist attack. i know there is a person of interest, i guess they are calling him now. but, to me, this reminds me very much of the attack on times square in 2010 by shahzad and also we have to remember "inspire" magazine for al qaeda in arabian peninsula called for terrorist attacks on sports events iconic events. this is both, boston marathon and patriots day is almost the iconic all american event. mass killing of civilians. again, we don't know for certain but, to me, i think we have to be looking toward either al qaeda or off shoot of al qaeda or a self-starter here in the united states, a homegrown terrorist. >> bill: well, i mean, i think the fbi fairly soon will ascertain exactly what the profi
," republican congressman peter king will be here on set. also the moderator of "meet the press" david gregory and "the washington post" eugene robinson and rev jim wallis will also join us. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. ♪ ♪ welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit the morning papers at 30 past the hour. wow. we went long on the first block. >> we did. >> could be a problem. >> alex, when we go, can we go to alex for a second here. when we go over if you could talk in our ear and let us know we go over? >> i'm still trying to figure out what button it is. >> it's not the delay button. alex started about 12 minutes ago, go to break, you're killing us, go
on the floor of the senate. republican senator peter king on "early start" this morning. what he said about the filibuster idea. >> i believe we should have universal background checks, but even if i did not support the legislation, i would say let this come to debate this is an issue which has grabbed hold of the american people. an issue which has to be resolved, and even if it doesn't go down the way i want it to, the american people are entitled to a debate and to me to use senate rules to block a debate on an issue of this importance is just wrong. >> okay, peter king isn't the only republican senator. john mccain said yes, people deserve a debate on the floor. rudy giuliani on piers morgan say yes, people deserve a debate on the floor. what is this? what is stridriving the divisio among be republican lawmakers. >> they are experiencing different pressures. rand paul from kentucky, leading the effort to have a filibuster, and on the other, have you john mccain, peter king and, of course, they there are republican who's feel that way, but maybe aren't saying it, there shouldn't be a fil
of the tragedy in boston? we'll talk about that coming up. republican congressman peter king joins us live to weigh in. ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply bemes consider it solved. emerson. ♪ [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless. bill: we have been sharing with you, some of the picture evidence, the photographic evidence when the police or fbi release it. we have one more new image we want to share with you. what you can clearly see are the remnants of ball bearings on top of a sewer on boylston street with a ruler at the bottom of the screen. that gives you an idea about what was packed inside those pressure cookers, those 6-liter pressure cookers talked about now for the past 24 hours. all this is happening as a new concern for the growing t
want to know is there any other crimes comup, any other terrorist acts. >> gregg: peter king is slamming the f.b.i. for failure to stop e attack in principle because the russians timd off the f.b.i. two years ago that this kid may have been radicalized, the older brother, that is. king said, look this is fifth case he knows of in which the f.b.i. may have had some evidce but failed to properly detect it. >> i don't like to bang law enforcemen f.b.i. did a great job reasing the photos. how did his phos did not cross connect. whenhey identified those brothers, how did it not cross connect to the investigation 18 months earlier? >> gregg: they interviewed the older brother. >> and he looked the same. it wasn't like ten years ago. that was a simple connection. that would have given themhe date. >> gregg: it's inexplicable, older brother has a youtube page and jihadist videos and songs. how come the feds weren't on it? >> there a long and history of non-communication by the feds with the interagencies. boston pd the guys in the trenches should have had his photo in their cards. >>
on thursday to explode the remaining bomb. congressman peter king of new york tells cnn the target was times square. it did not happen. they say that is because the owner of the vehicle they carjacks on thursday managed to escape. we have learned that the surviving suspect has stopped talking with investigators. he now is exercising his right to remain silent as authorities are preparing to move him from the hospital to a jail with an infirmary. ♪ america >> this is video of the ceremony where dzhokhar tsarnaev swore allegiance to the united states becoming a citizen last year on 9/11, seven months later authorities want to know what head him and his brother tack land to plant bombs at the boston marathon. their mother is afraid to come to the united states because she has an outstanding warrant for shoplifting and suggests it was stageed. >> the marathon was something like a really big place, this is paint rather than blood. >> very real investigation is moving forward. the f.b.i. is searching a landfill in massachusetts, agents are looking for discarded packaging or homemade bombs that m
to republican congressman peter king of new york. >> it was a tremendous amount of information we don't know, and i can only know we would have gotten some 06 that information if the interrogation could have gone on. my understanding was h the interrogation was going to last about 48 hours. it was ended by the judge after 16 hours. >> times square has been targeted before. in 2010, another self-radicalized jihadist drove a car packed with explosives on times square. his bombs including one of those pressure cooker devices all failed to detonate. this is prime time in times square. office workers, people going out to dinner or trying to rush to catch a broadway show. i'm joined here by former new york city police detective who worked terrorism cases for years. if the bombing had been planted here were the kinds use in the mir on this, what would have the effects? >> probably more devastating than boston. everybody there was focused in one direction. people were just moving about. the problem we have, at least one score or two scores of casualties. and twice that number wound popped. >> new yo
'll be talking to the next hour about peter king and memorial was incredibly moving. there was a police officer standing there in front of forum and he is being thanked, people shaking his hand. they all appreciate it. david lee, thank you so much. >> they say he has not provided any substantial information less cooperative how does the investigation move forward. joining me how is former deputy assistant of. thank you for joining us. >> heather: we were talking about this federal medical detention center where tsarnaev is being held. it's about 45 miles outside of boston. a small door where they put food and medication. that is is all he is being allowed at this point. how does the investigation move forward with him inside of that facility? >> a lot of things are going on right now. you have f.b.i. agents and investigators in russia. they are going to look for any indication that tamerlan traveled back there six months had any kind of help in building bombs and how to build bombs. they are going to look at all the people he saw and contacted and made sure there is no indication that those peo
is described as vague, and it is unknown why there was a delay in sharing the information. congressman peter king of new york says he believes this gap is one of the reasons why the f-b-i's interview with tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011 didn't raise red flags, even though russia had expressed concerns about his radical views. >> "if russians had given the fbi early on the information they had, it would have been a lot different investigation." >> reporter: as more details emerge on "who knew what" about the tsarnaev brothers, ranking democrat on the house homeland security committee urges patience. >> "at this point, trying to point fingers saying the dots weren't connected, is a little bit early. let's get in, let's review it. and at some point, if there are some things we need to change, let's change them." >> reporter: while authorities piece together the case. in solidarity with the boston victims." the running community is showing support for the victims. two marathons. in madrid, spain.where nearly 200 were killed by terrorist bombs nearly a decade ago. runners and spectators observed a minu
they could not insure their safety. wheeltalk to peter king on whether the u.s. should take out the threat. >> and john kerry is on the way to the middle east . hopes to restart the peace talks . it is the final four, later on today. number one louisville will take on witchita state. coming up at the top of the hour, we'll have more on the match ups . we'll see you then. >> gun owners taking flack from dc, some democrats pushing a bill to make mandatory to push liberty insurance for the gups you own and if you don't you can face a $10,000 fine . former congressman allen west is not fine at the shot at our pocket books and constitution. tell us about it. democrat from new york said if you don't have electricity insurance and the cop checks your card and you don't have it, a $10,000 fine? >> it is a pleasure to be with you. it is absolutely asinine. the business block on saturday morning is cost of the freedom. that's what it is. it will cost you to exercise yourr second amendment. you are right. miss maloney said gun victims and society at large have born the brunt of the cost of the gun vi
. >>> congressman peter king is expected to introduce the house version of the bill as early as today. >>> overthe weekend backers of the legislation picked up support from the gun rights group citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms. the whoit house continued its pr offensive keeping the parents of newtown victims front and central. >> sometimes i close my eyes and all i can remember is that awful day of waiting at the sandy hook volunteer fire house for the boy who would never come home. the same fire house that was home to then others. other times, i feel ben's presence filling me with courage for what i have to do, for him and all the others taken from us so violently and too soon. we have to convince the senate to come together and pass common sense gun responsibility reform that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >>> prison guards are looking to restore order at guantanamo day after a clash with detainees over the weekend. the guards were hoping to break a hunger strike by placing them into individual ce
was in this al-qaeda magazine, there's no reason to doubt that it's not. >> i can't believe that peter king actually at the end acknowledged that it also could be a white supreme sift group. cenk: first of all, let's look at what's logical. if the ricin attack is connected to the bombings and it does seem like wow that is incredible timing if it's not connected who's going to target wicker? it's not going to be al-qaeda da. it could be a leftwing group. wicker's from mississippi. i'm going to show you later in the program the list of terrorist attacks and leftwing groups have a tremendous amount. they don't kill anyone, it's mainly fires or liberation front and animal liberation front. they've killed literally zero people but there are fires terrorist acts,ette et cetera. you don't want to leave anything out. to target the senator out of nowhere? that doesn't make sense. i feel if it's connected it's unlikely to be a foreign-based attack. >> i think it's unfortunate that police have -- it's almost, you know comes out of a script, a script that you'd expect in a movie, except they're saying
, the man who must protect america's number one city and number one target. peter king, congressman peter king says what we need, what this boston marathon attack proves is we need a more aggressive and explicit targeting investigation of ameri america's muslim communities. would you agree with that? >> well, i certainly wouldn't say community, but we follow leads wherever those leads take us. we've been targeted 16 times, a combination of good work on part of the federal government, nypd and shear luck we haven't been attacked. we will follow wherever the leads take us, irrespective of the community we're talking about. >> but the vast majority of those attacks did come from people who would have been muslim radicals. >> that's correct, yes. >> and as a result of that, the nypd had a program of listening in on mosques, infiltrating communities and last august in court testimony, however, your department asserted or acknowledged that six years of supplying on muslim neighborhoods, eavesdropping on conversations, it did not generate a single lead. >> that's incorrect. basically, and i know
, i want you both to listen to some of the comments this morning, by congressman, peter king, republican from new york, talking about the fbi a handing of this case. >> this is the late tefst in a series like this. now, this case with the older brother where the fbi is given information about someone as being potential terrorist. they look at them and they don't take action and they go out and they carry out murders after this. again, i'm wondering, is there something deficient there? what went wrong? >> he wants answers from the fbi. l l.z., others are making similar points. do we need to look at how the fbi is handling cases like this one? >> that's a fair question to ask. i want to be careful playing monday morning quarterback. everyone can look back now, 2020, and say everything that everybody else did wrong. september 11th is what, 11, 12 years ago now. he has only rattled off five names. i took a look at the fbi's counter terrorism website. they apprehended seven people in the month of december alone. we don't hear about that, because the terrorists are stopped before t
. we will talk to chuck schumer and peter king coming up. a lot of firefighters, a lot of cops in this neighborhood. they lost a lot of people on 9/11. that tragedy marked this area for a long time. there was also that plane crash you might remember november 12th, 2001, about two months after 9/11, crashed right here in belle harbor and killed 260 people on the plane and five members of this community on the ground. now six months ago, this. so they are just now getting back on their feet. it's really a process that hasn't even begun. we will talk to some of the rents and ask what they need. a lot of here feel like the politicians have forgotten them. >> we will check in with you throughout the morning, willie. coming up, we will have new jersey governor chris christie joining us live on the set and senator chuck schumer and representative peter king. >> the numbers, mika, of what happened with hurricane sandy, just so frightening. the number of people killed, staggering. you look at the amount of property loss, the jobs lost. not only immediately after the storm, but the impac
terror suspects, we're getting word from peter king, congressman peter king, chairman of the homeland security subcommittee in fact this could have affected new yorkers. this plot apparently foiled by the canadians, terrorist plot foiled by canadians did send some jitters into the markets. not tremendously so because they caught these guys in time. the again the markets are still in positive territory. liz: we were up 26 points when that news broke. you can see we didn't lose a massive amount of air here. let's get to nick on the floor of the new york stock exchange. did you hear anything about that? >> we're watching that we shaved off 10 or 15 points. obviously pretty interesting how we're holding up to the green. >> let us talk about something that will happen tomorrow, apple earnings. apple is up. some people think the stock is beaten down as far as it will go right now. >> that is very interesting. we're waiting on netflix. netflix is a winner. apple crossed the $400 mark, 402 today. hard to call a bottom. people said double down. if you owned it at 600 you must love it at 390. l
's responsible i thought it was irresponsible on the part of peter king, who is head of the house homeland security committee who right away wants to stir up the al-qaeda theory. here he is. >> it could end up being someone else but right now it has all of the indicators in every aspect of being an al-qaeda-affiliated attack. >> bill: what's that based on? based on nothing. you know what it is based on? peter king having to get on television. i just think it is time to calm down a little bit. looks it could be but remember oklahoma city was a domestic affect terrorism. the atlanta olympic bombing centennial park was a domestic act of terrorism. this could easily have been one of those. we don't know. is the answer right now. front page of "the washington post," i don't know whether you can see this. but look again at the heavy presence of police officers right there on the scene as this one marathon runner falls to the ground. he was totally uninjured. on the phones, don is calling from nashua, new hampshire. hey, don, good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill. i said it is a sad day in
, the chairman of the house homeland security, republican from new york, peter king. congressman king, i know that you're probably in the same position as a lot of folks at the white house and in boston, little frustrated about what little we do know. do you know any new information this morning? have you had a briefing yet? >> i am not chairman of the subcommittee. mike mccall is chairman of the full committee. but in any event, i've been through this many times before, unfortunately. everybody wants the quick answer. the fact is i would rather be safe than sorry. i would rather have the investigators go through all the evidence. it is less than 24 hours and i think there is a lot of evidence there to go through, components of the explosive devices, the whole video cameras and also any information they're picking up. anything -- if someone saw something and are now saying something. i saw mike leiter was on before going back over previous phone conversations, previous intelligence that maybe was not thought to be important but now will have a different light to it. >> are you surprised -- yo
of the boston attack. you just heard from congressman peter king on the homeland security committee. he is our guest in the next hour. martha: an iranian scientist who was held for months by the united states has now been released we're learning and is now in oman. according to media reports from iran the man is assistant professor of electrical engineering. he was detain after arriving on a flight in los angeles back in 2011. he is accused of buying advanced equipment in violation of u.s. sanctions against iran. no other details on the circumstances of his release. gregg: in syria, civil war, a red line may have been crossed. the white house now confirming that the region game has used chemical weapons against opposition forces. peter doocy is live at the white house with more. and, peter, what's it going to take for the white house to say in fact assad has crossed the red line that president obama declared? >> reporter: gregg, the white house says they want to be 100% sure that this sarin gas they are now confident the syrian government has used was definitely deployed by president assad or
that that is now long history, entering a new era. >> thanks, khung. now peter king of new york, a member of both the homeland security committee and the intelligence committee. good to see you. congressman, appreciate your time. how significant do you think north korea's decision to restart that nuke dleclear reac? >> i think it's significant because it shows another step that kim jong-un is taking and step after step and doesn't know how to get back. he may want to take the steps anyway, may be trying to force a confrontation or doesn't know how to get himself back in and in either event i consider it very serious. the south korean government considers it serious. the obama administration does and i give them credit. i think sending the b-2s, f-22s, allowing the south korean government to expand the range of its rockets shows how serious they're taking it. i think we have to take it very seriously. you know, no need to panic but this is the most sustained i would say type of pressure or full my nations we are seeing from the north in a while. >> george w. bush owanted the system to protect. pre
. and representative peter king is joining us right now. he's a member of the nation's intelligence committee. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> as you know, the north koreans have told all foreign diplomats in pyongyang they should leave by wednesday, this coming wednesday. they won't necessarily be able to guarantee their security after that. what's the significance of this? >> well, significant to the extent it just adds more uncertainty and shows more belligerence and hostility on the part of the north korean regime. it's just a whole series of decisions and actions and statements over the last several weeks and months, which is why everyone is, in our government, is concerned about this. not panicking, but certainly concerned and treating it, i would say, more seriously than the incidents in the last several years, which occurred around this time but also had a way of winding down. in this case, it appears kim jong-un might be going out and might not get himself back in. >> are we bracing for something dramatic that the north koreans might do wednesday, thursday, friday, i
a debate. even talking about it. this morning congressman peter king, by the way, he supports expanding gun background checks. he was asked what his republican colleagues were afraid of. it's an interesting response. he supports background checks. here's peter king. >> even if i did not support that legislation, i would say let this come to a debate. this is an issue which has grabbed hold of the american people. it's an issue which i think has to be resolved. even if it doesn't go down the way i want it to, i think the american people are entitled to a debate. and to me, to use senate rules to block a debate on an issue of this importance is just wrong. to stifle a debate, cut it off, almost makes it as if these senators are afraid of something. i don't know what they're afraid of. if they are so sure of their position, let it come to a debate. >> well, johnny isaacs is not atrade. this morning he said background checks deserve a vote. let's watch him from georgia. >> i'll speak for myself on that question. there's no ambivalence on the gun issue. i think everybody knows what the issues ar
on a companion bill in the house with new york congressman peter king. how much support are you receiving right now sir? >> there is a lot of interest in the bill on both sides of the aisle. what we're going to do, we plan to introduce the bill pretty soon. and we're hoping to have other co-authors other than myself and republican colleague peter king. but i think the bill is going to fly out of the senate and i think it's going to get a vote and it's going to fly out of the house. because, as you point out over 90% of the american people want background checks. an overwhelming majority nra members want background checks. we know they work. we know just in the year 2010, 150,000 people who were prohibited from owning firearms, tried to buy them through licensed dealers and the background check work, they were stopped. -- the background check worked. they were stopped. that's the kind we have to do to make sure our communities are safer. >> john: we've learned anyone who's paying attention the nra leadership does not represent their membership. they represent the gun owners who don't like this i
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